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The number one provider

We simply have the highest class escorts in the world, we believe all clients should be able to choose their service provider and have an elite escort that cares about the quality of the woman they receive. All of our ladies are to die for and want the very best for their clients. usreview phone sex chat is allowed and promoted by our company. Many men do not want to meet in person or visit a brothel. We understand this and have created a phone service to cater for this.

Being a high-end escort means being a high-end person. Great people care and look after all of the people around them. We believe why should customer service in the adult world be any different we are here to please your needs and have you coming time and time again. To see some live beautiful girls go to http://usreview.com.au/home/live-sex-video/

Why Australian phone sex is changing? 

Australian adult services are expecting some serious changes over the next 2 years. With many tech providers announcing changes, simple services like phone sex will change dramatically. 

1900 numbers will no longer be supported by Australian telco suppliers. Instead, you will be forced to use your credit card if wishing to use these services. We believe the next changes will be in adult escorts and you will no longer have the same access as you once might have had.

High-End Elite Escorts

We know that you will love our services and be thrilled with what you get. Australian public have a great eye for quality services and that is exactly what we provide high-quality services that will make you the client so happy you will be more than willing to pass any and all referrals through, we ask for referrals and are basically a referral based business we know with such high-class women you will be more than happy to pass the service on to friend.

We want you to know that being there as a provider and claiming we are the number 1 means exactly that. That we are the top escort agency and our service will reflect that in every way possible. We are here to help and to look after you in all ways. Day or night we are available our women are amazing and want to please. Our ladies are all checked every 2 weeks for std’s and are clean, beautiful and ready to make your wildest fantasy’s come true. We love helping you in all ways and want to see you cum time and time again. We know that your hard earned money will not be wasted on low-end service we are the number one provider for escorts in Australia. We love doing the good by you and can’t wait to please your every command, thought and wildest dream our adults workers are all registered and over eighteen. Our phone sex service is amazing too.

From beginning to end our company has been put together in a way to provide the highest class sexual experience money can buy. That being said we are always looking for ways to provide adult services in a better way. Always feel free to give us a call and chat about one of our sex workers.